Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Steak made yummy

With the impending departure from Fort Rucker and each other, James thought he would surprise me with a steak dinner. However, I didn't get dressed up, I didn't put on makeup and do hair, nor did he take me out. No, he brought home 2 very nice steaks and some veggies. So I rubbed 'em, soaked 'em and the grilled 'em up.

Ok, so here's the secret for making a rub. If you like it put it in. I take a saucer and sprinkle stuff on it mix it together and rub it on. Here's what I used: garlic powder, ground cayenne pepper, smokehouse maple, black peppercorn grinder, curry powder, Italian seasoning, spicy Montreal steak seasoning, southwest chipotle seasoning, chopped onions, dill weed, and cilantro. Marinades are pretty much the same. For mine this time: Worcestershire sauce, balsamic vinaigrette dressing, red wine vinegar, sesame oil, beef gravy and some extra virgin olive oil. I also put whatever is leftover from the rub into the marinade. We grilled the steaks and steamed some veggies and that was dinner. James thought it was awful that we can't go to a restuarnant and have that great of steak.

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